“‘Brushes of Hope’ is a heartwarming documentary that delves into the enchanting world of watercolor painting, where colors do more than just fill the canvas—they bring lives together. At the heart of this story is Jean, a passionate and empathetic art teacher with over two decades of experience. Her art studio becomes a sanctuary where individuals from all walks of life find solace, expression, and community.

Among her students is Susan, a vivacious woman battling stage four cancer. In Jean’s class, Susan finds not only a creative outlet but a source of strength and renewal. Her journey of resilience and joy amidst adversity becomes a central thread in the film, inspiring viewers with her infectious spirit and artistic journey.

As the documentary unfolds, viewers are invited into a world where every stroke, color, and canvas tells a story. It’s a story about the power of art to heal, connect, and transform. ‘Brushes of Hope’ is not just about learning to paint; it’s about painting the essence of life itself. With each brushstroke, Jean and Susan, along with their classmates, paint a picture of hope, resilience, and the enduring human spirit, making ‘Brushes of Hope’ a compelling watch for anyone who believes in the healing power of art.”

Premiered at Belleville Downtown DocFest