Dive into the enchanting world of ‘Strings of Inspiration: A Portrait of Kris Tischbein,’ a captivating documentary that unravels the artistry and creative spirit of acclaimed bassist Kris Tischbein. As he gracefully navigates between the demands of popular music gigs and the profound solitude of his solo bass compositions, Kris shares the secrets behind his unique sound, influenced by the evocative tones of cellos and other stringed instruments.

In this intimate portrait, witness Kris’s journey as he crafts musical landscapes that transcend conventional boundaries, creating a symphony that speaks directly to the heart. Immerse yourself in the harmonic reverie as ‘Strings of Inspiration’ captures the essence of Kris Tischbein’s old-soul approach to music—an exploration fueled by genuine passion, unwavering dedication, and an unyielding commitment to the beauty of artistic expression. 

Join us in discovering the profound impact of one man’s musical odyssey, where each note tells a story and every string resonates with inspiration.